iPad App Video Review: Biofrenzy HD

Feb 24, 2011

I immediately fell in love with Zombieville USA when it came out as it offered a clean interface, great sounds, and some awesome zombie mayhem for my device. Soon after its rise to fame, copycat games began making their way into the App Store.

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Some were good and some were pretty terrible, but the latest copycat game is both eerily similar and also improves on the formula in a few different ways. Biofrenzy HD is an app that could easily be mistaken for Zombieville as they have the same look and feel.

But there are some key differences in Biofrenzy. The first is that the player has the option to use two different power-ups to help ward off the brain-hungry monsters. Players can slow things down in bullet time or freeze the map with the Chrono Sphere. The other large difference is that weapons have cooldown times instead of ammo. These two gameplay changes didn’t change the feel too much, but did offer an expansion to the already great genre.

Overall, the game is very well done (minus some spelling errors and exploits). It’s definitely worth a look. Check it out.

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