iOS Apps for Career Volunteers

May 22, 2012

If you ever feel like giving back, you can start by downloading these apps. Some of them will connect to networks of volunteers, while another offers rewards.


Using either an iPhone or iPad, you can hook up with various charities and organizations in need of volunteers. Search by keyword, age, zip code, and dates available for volunteering.


Reward Volunteers

With this app, volunteers amass reward points by tracking their volunteer hours. Doesn’t sound altruistic enough if your goal is to win a Cabot Cheese basket? Well, this is a clutch app for volunteer organizations, because it increases their chances of sponsorship and more.


The Extraordinaries

Micro-volunteering sounds like it’s not enough. Sometimes, you have extra time to spare, and why not donate it to worthwhile causes?


Shared Time

With this app, volunteers can share their stories in the hopes they inspire and motivate others to help with noble causes.


Awesome Note 2 (Tasks/Calendar/To-do List/Journal)

If you volunteer for multiple organizations, you’ll need a state of the art app for staying organized. Awesome Note is an amazing productivity app that everyone should own.


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