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Oct 3, 2016

I must admit, I am very, very bad in accounting. I’d been looking for a basic invoicing app for ages, but all I found was either expensive or too complicated. If I managed to fill it up completely, my partners could not use it, when I made something wrong, the partner did not notice it. Then I found Invoice Ninja.

Honestly, I first downloaded Invoice ninja just because its name, because I found each and every program so annoying, that I wanted it simply something completely different. And I got it.

Despite of the funny name, Invoicing ninja takes invoicing very serious. The application is able to send invoices online, can manage multiple currencies and able to accept credit cards, bitcoins, ACH payment and many other kinds. This makes the application to an excellent tool for freelancers, especially in the creative business, where everyone is online and comes from various backgrounds.

Although I expected a Japanese-style interface, there are no inside jokes in the system: the interface is very simple, but makes it extremely easy to see through your account history, especially as the application sends you notification when a payment comes.

What I like the most is that the application works instead of me. I am able to setup auto billing – so all I need to do is to get ready with my daily work, and there is no need for looking at the calendar and worrying about “did I send it?”. The iPhone app is able to deal with overdue payments as well. I just set up automatic e-mails and there is no need for being angry with my clients “real time”.

This application is an extremely good help for solopreneurs, but even small business owners can make a good use of it. Even the free version is able to deal with 100 clients per year, but multi-user version is available for a reasonable price as well, so your business will never overgrow the features.

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The application provides a nice PDF version of the invoice, so my clumsiest clients can deal with them easily. With the help of the app I can easily personalize my paper, can use my own style and color for the bill, which therefore functions as a digital visit card as well.

The design of the app is completely mobile-responsive, which allow me to manage my invoicing during the daily commute. This saves time for me, for which I am really thankful. It is also nice that I can watch the invoice “developing” while I am typing, so it is a really W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G type of app. Even I can make sure that I did everything well.

I strongly recommend Invoice Ninja for anyone who wants a cheap and handy solution for invoicing. This application is practical even for those who are afraid of their business would overgrow their current invoicing solution – this program is almost limitless in this case. Invoice ninja is a simple and easy to use app, which is a perfect tool for your business.

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