Intriguing apps for educators

Jul 27, 2010

this list is meant to give a taste of what cutting edge, intriguing apps are appearing that may just find a place in enhancing teaching and learning.


free, and allows group collaborative brainstorming using iPd touches also – beautiful user interface too.



The original mobile video editing app – still with alot more options than mobile iMovie too.


2Screens – Presentation Expert

Lets you present by displaying files, photo’s AND multiple web pages via VGA out cable. ALso has an iPhone app that works as a remote control for the iPad presentation.


AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder

Combines a voice recorder with typed notes just like the $249 Livescribe smartpen.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

A perennial favourite – it never forgets! Store and easily retrieve anyfile, web page, audi, video – all searchable at a meta-level – and it will even OCR handwritten notes you photograph and add in there.


PaperDesk Note Taking

A solid not taking app – that also has a whiteboard VGA-out mode so you can collaborate and draw on the screen and have it all display on a big screen


TypeDrawing for iPad

An app unlike any other – you draw – and out comes letters and words, numbers and symbols – a very different drawing pp


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