Intersting GroupClone apps for your modest iPhone

Aug 8, 2013

I am an iPhone developer and when i was tracing for an app store that which would engage people in deals I found this interesting app. So there I decided to make this a list here. With Groupclone app for iPhone the users can enjoy all things on one shore, that is using group buying tools people can make such as deals, Share deals in social networking sites, Facebook login etc.

Mob eCommerce

Excellent iPhone app for eCommerce web store. This application allows you to manage your eCommerce store with flawless accessibility and navigation, optimizing the store to the mobile. The app gives the on the way customers an easy and effectual shopping experience via their iPhone powered smartphones.


Group Birdie Merchant

This merchant app allows users to check and redeem the coupon-purchase made in the website.


Trooppon Merchant

effective QR code scanner which scans the product coupons in a flash of moment hows the merchant if the coupon is redeemed or not.
and also it will reveal details such as the date and time of redemption
keep website updated so you can go look your redemption tracking online at anytime
with the app, the merchant would be able to view the history of coupons scanned so far


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