International Homeless Animals Day

Aug 20, 2010

There are far too many homeless animals out there. While the Spay/Neuter campaign has been going strong for a very long time the problem has not gone away. Here’s some apps to help. Adopt Pets

Allowing you to search for a dog, cat or other (MONKEY! OK, maybe not monkey) this app will help you make a pet or two no longer homeless.


Secure-a-Pet® Pet

If you’re friend has a Secure-A-Pet GPS collar this app can help you find them before something bad happens. Keep your pet from becoming homeless with this app.


MiPets – Pet Info Organizer

OK, this app may not help much other than having pictures of your pet at hand but it will help you keep track of your pet’s info. Keep your friend happy and healthy by tracking their medical info, food info and registration information. Worth having to keep your pet info available should you need it.


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