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Jun 1, 2010

These are very basic music apps that only have one instrument to play with. I’m making this list because so many music apps go crazy with features and sometimes this can make the app less useful. Additionally, if you work with video, I think these are good apps that can add to a soundtrack because they are easy to use and not overbearing. Ahhhhhhhh simplicity!

Zen Piano – Use the Force

This is a neat piano app that allows you to record and play back your riffs. Also, the volume of the notes are controlled by how hard you tap the keys. Fun!


Drum Box

This app makes simple drum sounds. It’s a ton of fun and I have a soft spot for percussion apps. I don’t think it’s as great as my all time favorite DUB SIREN, but it’s still pretty cool and some of the sounds are unique. It’s worth the 99 cents.


Guitar FREE

It’s a guitar and it’s on your iphone. Strum away! Oh yeah and it’s free! It might not be perfect, but did I mention the price?


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