Ingenious Integration of Augmented Reality with IKEA

Sep 30, 2017

One of the hottest fields of current technologies is augmented reality which brings virtual elements from a game or video into real-world environments. For example, games which utilize augmented reality use the camera to detect the physical environment while the elements of the game interact with objects. Although a new field in the realm of technology, many applications have been developed in this space with practical and entertainment purposes. One of the best apps that leverages this technology for increasing convenience has been IKEA, the franchise which offers fashionable and inexpensive furniture.

While the process of buying furniture can be fun, an aspect of it that is daunting to many is actually measuring out the requirements of each piece of furniture to see whether or not it will fit in the space. With all of these measurements, purchasers need to record the various metrics and then compare the actual items to the space that has been measured. Furthermore, it can be extremely difficult to imagine what the piece of furniture would look like in the room from how it is displayed in the stores. With all of these inefficiencies, IKEA has made significant developments to eliminate the barriers by integrating augmented reality into the process. All that a user needs to do is open the app and then the camera will automatically open. From there, users select a piece of furniture from their online catalogue and then the app will virtually place the furniture into the room without the need to ever take out a tape measure or ruler. Highly convenient, IKEA has designed it for the highest degree of ease of use as well as eliminating friction in the purchasing process.

Say Hej to IKEA Place

IKEA Place is our new app that lets you virtually “place” IKEA products in your space. It’s a new way to experience IKEA, and it’s currently available on iPhone 6S and newer iPhones and iPads. IKEA Place is currently available in the US App store and will be available in other locations soon.

Although the app is easy to use, there are many sophisticated functions that are running to make the app possible. For example, the furniture can be manipulated in terms of distance, position, and even angle at which it is placed in the room. With so much versatility in what can be done with the selected furniture, users can see exactly what the furniture would look like in their house with great accuracy in terms of size and position. This breakthrough in augmented reality as an application to be used for practical purposes is a factor that will likely propel the company in terms of profitability as it has successfully integrated technology in a revolutionary way.

Despite being recognized for inexpensive and fashionable furniture, IKEA has made a bold move in diversifying its offerings to include technology. By introducing augmented reality into the app as a way to streamline the buying process and reduce the friction that is involved such as measuring and imaging what the furniture would look like in a particular space, buyers can now see exactly what they are getting and how it will look. With so much flexibility in terms of what can be done with the virtual technology such as varying sizes and angles as well as introducing multiple pieces of furniture at once, the app is one that is likely to change how furniture is purchased forever.

IKEA Place
IKEA Place
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