Information Overload – 5 Favorite News Apps

Jan 21, 2010

One of the best parts about the current age of technology is that we no longer have to wait for 6 o’clock to know what happened in the world. News comes at us constantly now and from many angles. I use these apps to help me control and filter the flow of news. I also don’t want to pay for my news when I don’t have to so this list could change…


I’m a fan of RSS feeds and have chosen Google Reader for that purpose. This app is simple and trouble-free. I believe the free version does not allow you to add feeds which is fine and easily done from one of many other avenues.


ESPN – Get scores, news, and watch live sports

Great way to keep tabs on current and past scores. Click-through access to ESPN for previews and recaps. Free!



I have never been a big USA Today person but I picked this up on a whim and have been pleased. It’s all there plus a bit more.


AP Mobile – Breaking Local, National & Global News

The best part of this app is the Breaking News Push Notificaitons. Major news items are pushed as they break, even before a story is published to the site/app.


NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News

This is my favorite newspaper and an app I use often. I’m concerned about adding this because of the iTablet rumors regarding paid content from NYT. That would be awful. If it’s free, get it. Go Jets!


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