Infinity Blade update leads iPhone Games of the Week

May 19, 2011

Yeah, we know: Infinity Blade, taking the top spot in yet another Best Games of the Week list. I’d apologize if the game just weren’t so great, and developer ChAIR has just been making it better and better with each new update since its release. The latest addition is the biggest and best yet: an […]

Yeah, we know: Infinity Blade, taking the top spot in yet another Best Games of the Week list. I’d apologize if the game just weren’t so great, and developer ChAIR has just been making it better and better with each new update since its release. The latest addition is the biggest and best yet: an online multiplayer mode in which players can square-off against each other in one-on-one sword-fighting action, taking the part of the protagonist Knight or the enemy Titans. The update really reinvigorates Infinity Blade yet again, so check it out, and some other great offerings, below.

Infinity Blade update (iPhone, iPad) $2.99

We’ve talked many a time about how good Infinity Blade is. It packs beautiful graphics care of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, and developer ChAIR has been good to its players by providing some major content updates, the last of which hugely increased the size of the game – some say doubling it. All of that was done for free, and it was great, but the latest update to Infinity Blade is something altogether awesome and totally revamps the game. It’s a player vs. player online battle mode that puts one player in the role of the heroic warrior around whom the game is based, and the other in the shoes, boots, armor or chains of one of the huge monsters that occupies the God King’s tower. Multiplayer breathes all new life into an already stellar title, making it fresh once more – plus it’s on sale. You should download this immediately.

Glo Flo (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Puzzler Glo Flo is of the rare breed of iOS games that will hook you in and keep you coming back. It’s a beautifully simple game with a great neon art style that’ll appeal to all ages, but which is still challenging even for adults. The premise is pretty easy to grasp: on a grid, several colored bugs are positioned, usually in pairs or groups. The goal is to draw a line through each bug of the same color in order to join them all, following the grid and moving either horizontally or vertically. Lines can’t cross each other or themselves, though – each must be a continuous straight shot, though the path the player takes is up to him or her. Glo Flo gets complex when multiple bugs are added, forcing you to think spatially in order to figure out where to draw the paths for each set of bugs so that they don’t crowd out the others. With about 60 puzzles to solve that range in difficulty (plus a Time Attack mode) and Game Center support, there’s a lot of value in Glo Flo for just a buck.

Zombie Glider (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Zombie Glider’s simple, hand-drawn and somewhat childish appearance belies a tricky and engaging high-scoring game that gets tough to put down once you’ve picked it up. Basically, you use a slider on the left side of the screen to control a zombie flying on a hang glider as he raids medieval towns. The goal is to dip the glider down to snatch unsuspecting humans – the zombie snacks on their brains and then tosses them back to earth, where they can bounce around and kill other humans. Points are racked-up for snagging fleeing villagers, freeing imprisoned zombies from the stocks and smashing things, all of which are just done by flying into them. It’s deceptively simple but a lot of fun, partially because doing well allows you to upgrade your zombie’s anti-arrow armor and glider’s crash protection, and partially because the game has a great sense of humor. Snatch up a fat human and he’ll start shoveling food into his mouth in a panic, or snag a scientist and he’ll gulp down the potion he’s carrying, gaining momentary super-strength before becoming a zombie snack.

Chaos Rings Ω (iPhone, iPad) $11.99

Ten thousand years before Square Enix’s iOS-exclusive role-playing game Chaos Rings’ story takes place, there’s Chaos Rings Omega, an annoying to type but fun to play game that brings a lot of Square’s old-school role-playing sensibilities to the iPhone. Omega is another portion of the Chaos Rings story and maintains the high production values and quality storytelling of the previous title, along with its classic RPG elements that fans have always enjoyed. It’s an expensive title, but Chaos Rings Ω has a lot to offer, like monthly content updates and refinements over the original. RPG fans should have a great time here.

Siege Hero (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

There are a lot of Angry Birds clones out there, but Siege Hero stands out because it’s a game that takes the formula made insanely famous by Rovio Mobile’s bird-slinging title – using projectiles to collapse buildings – and turns the game into a first-person affair. You aim and fire your various kinds of projectiles at structures and enemy Vikings by tapping where you want those projectiles to go. The challenge comes in attempting to fire the right projectiles at the right spots on each building in order to collapse it. You’ll also have to carefully plan your implosions in order to save characters considered “good” while destroying those that are bad. A wealth of weapons and levels, plus Game Center leaderboards, keep Siege Hero interesting, but really it’s just a casual game full of well-designed levels that’s a lot of fun.

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