In love with France

Feb 10, 2011

When you are about to visit France, or at least think about it, here are the apps I may suggest to you…


I am quite sure: after you explore this app, the next thing you’ll want to do is to take a ticket for the airplane. This app shows France in all its beauty – some really amazing photos!


FRANCE 24 – International News

All the most important news from the French politics, economics, culture etc.


Best of French Cuisine

If you’d like to visit France, you’ll better prepare yourself to eat some frogs:)


Free English to French Phrasebook with Voice: Translate, Speak & Learn Common Travel Phrases & Words by Odyssey Translator

This app offers enough words and phrases to communicate on a basic level with French people.


VeloNews magazine

Cycling is maybe the most popular sport in France, so you’ll better know something about it!


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