iMusicDaily’s Recommended Apps for Musicians!

Nov 6, 2010

Since I cannot sing or play a lick of music I let my friend Tom Bridegroom of hijack this list. These are the best apps he found for musicians of all levels!

Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar – Learn and play acoustic guitar, bass and ukulele

This is an amazing app for all musicians not just guitar players. This app not only gives you the tabs to popular songs, but also transposes them automatically, has an autoscroll feature that you can change the speed of and shows you the chords on a guitar if you’re at a loss. This is the perfect app for somebody looking to play and perform that million-hit youtube cover song!


Music Tool

This app is an amazing tool for the more dedicated musician. This app illustrates the notes and all the chords within a certain key. This also shows the modal scales and the circle of fifths. This is is a must-have for people studying music theory!



I wish I had this app while studying basic musicianship in high school and college! It would have made cramming for tests much more fun. This app tests you on naming notes, playing notes, placing notes on several different instruments, and naming pitches (so hard!). A great app for the ever learning-musician!


Tempo – Metronome with Setlists

A very well designed and effective metronome. The set list feature is perfect for live performances! A great tool.


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