If you’re a serial e-reader, you have to download these iPhone e-reader apps to take your e-reading experience to the next level!

Jul 14, 2017

Regardless of the chosen medium, reading is good for you. The stories that you read and that come to life in your mind – creating a de facto personalized movie theater which only you can access and where you’re the one directing the movies in real-time – help you get away from the troubles of everyday life, providing a safe haven where you can retreat to anytime, wherever you are. Although when it comes to books, content trumps form ten times out of ten, the most striking feature of paper-based books is their undeniably cool looks. This is especially true for comic books, anthologies, and special editions, all of which boast beautiful designs that give these treasured publications ample power to add tons of style and nerd swag to any bookshelf. And if we’re being completely honest, it just feels great to hold a book in your hands, take a sniff of that oh-so-typical, intoxicating freshly bought book smell, and of course there’s the collectors’ fever, which strikes down upon many a people with furious anger, including bookworms. But once you’ve read a book, it is destined to become somewhat redundant an object that takes up space and collects dust (unless, for instance, you give it away to charity, pass it on to someone else, or if you’re an avid collector). In case you’re looking for a more modern, cheaper, and more convenient alternative to paper-based books, e-books are right there at your fingertips, only a few downloads and taps away. To ensure that you make the most out of your e-reading experience, we’ve put together a compilation of the best e-reader apps for iPhone. Keep on reading on – now and forever!

Wattpad – Read unlimited books and eBooks

On account of its community-centric approach and community-based concept, Wattpad is undoubtedly not your run-of-the-mill e-reader app. Wattpad gives you access to an ever-growing collection of stories covering basically all literary genres from sci-fi to romance. The plot twist in this seemingly dime-a-dozen story is that the writings published on Wattpad are courtesy of authors of all expertise levels: from the ground zero of enthusiastic amateurs all the way up to the lofty heights of bestseller-writing maestros. Adding several layers to Wattpad’s community-based concept are the facts that you can follow how stories unfold and comment on the latest plot developments – and thus contribute to the author’s development with your feedback – and also that you can share your own works with Wattpad’s community, and perhaps start building a loyal fan base if you’re good enough. To top it off, you can connect directly with writers and take part in monthly writing challenges to keep yourself motivated and to see how you stack up against fellow wordsmiths.

Wattpad – Free Stories & Entertainment You’ll Love – :30s Trailer

There’s a whole world of stories waiting to be discovered – in over 50 languages. Browse millions of amazing books, or when the inspiration strikes, write your own. Free stories & entertainment you’ll love. Download Wattpad free on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store or on web.

Kindle – Read eBooks, Magazines & Textbooks

Amazon’s versatile e-reader app helps you turn your iPhone into a Kindle – at least for as long as you’re using the app, so there’s no need to worry about your iPhone morphing into the Frankenstein of handheld portable devices. Regarding the Kindle app’s features, you can make the most out of them with an Amazon Prime or a Kindle Unlimited membership, as either will score you access to millions of newspapers, e-books, magazines, textbooks, and graphic novels. As you’d expect from a modern day e-reader, you can customize your reading experience down to the minutest details, sample all e-books for free before purchasing them, and last not least get translations and definitions without having to leave the app for a single second.

Chunky Comic Reader

Although we have touched on this subject in the lead, let us reiterate that the most crucial prerequisite of an authentic graphic novel or comic book reading experience is purchasing the titles you’re interested in in their actual, paper-based, physical form. In case you feel like that’s way too 1990s or way too expensive, you can do your coming book reading on your iPhone – preferably with Chunky Comic Reader which we firmly believe is the best app in its category. Chunky Comic Reader comes equipped with features such as smart upscaling (tailor-made for upping the quality of low-res comics), auto contrast/auto tint, a pair of page alignment options (single-page, two-page), passcode locking, and the ability to create screenshots and share them on social media.

Scribd – Books, audiobooks, magazines, documents

Scribd gives you access to a vast catalog of titles that contains about as many books, magazines, articles, audiobooks, and documents as Philip K. Dick has mind-blowingly crazy stories in his nearly 1000-page-long Exegesis. Getting access to the amazing selection that this e-reader app packs is, of course, not all free: a Scribd subscription costs $8.99 per month. For the price, you’ll get 3 audiobooks and 1 audiobook each month, the ability to browse the world’s largest document library, and articles from coveted periodicals including People Magazine and Time Magazine. Moreover, you can explore trending topics, delve into personalized recommendations, search for titles covering your favorite topics, whatever they may be, and last not least broaden your reading horizons and your knowledge via hand-picked collections put together by tastemakers, business leaders, and Scribd editors.

OverDrive – Library eBooks and Audiobooks

Unless you are a student, a freelancer, or someone blessed with a job that allows for an outstanding work-life balance, regular, multiple-hour-long visits to the library are probably out of the question for you. Luckily for busy bookworms, going to the library today does not require you to be physically present in the institution, as there are libraries at your fingertips thanks to apps like OverDrive. OverDrive is an e-reader app connecting you to more than 30,000 libraries from all over the globe, allowing you to borrow titles anytime, anywhere. Perhaps the best feature of OverDrive is that the app automatically returns titles, ensuring that you’ll never ever have to spend a single dime on late return fees nor will have to keep return deadlines in mind.

OverDrive App – Google Play Store

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iBooks, Apple’s integrated e-reader needs no introduction, but despite (Or maybe because of? Humans do have a tendency to take everything for granted) being an integrated app that’s right there on each and every, it is often undeservedly neglected and also omitted from iPhone e-reader compilations. Well, that omitting ends here and now, so let’s take a look at what iBooks brings to the e-reader table. First and foremost, a gargantuan selection of books containing millions of titles from probably all literary genres, a “Featured books” category delivering long-awaited fresh releases, curated collections, and instant classic bestsellers, Top Charts, audiobooks, a mesmerizing assortment of interactive and illustrated books for adults and children, and a customizable reading experience. That’s pretty good for an integrated app, to say the least, and it’s not hard to see why there aren’t as many e-reader apps for iPhone as one would expect.

Serial Reader: Classic Books in Daily Bits

Reading classics is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people get totally hooked on GOAT (as in Greatest Of All Time) literary works at a young age, while others avoid them like the plague and never develop a heartfelt liking for classics. To tell you the truth, some of the most celebrated works in the history of modern literature are indeed a headache to read, so it’s not overly surprising that even the most devoted bookworms tend to say nope to certain titles. If you’re looking to finally slay your classic book nemeses or you’ve just started out on your classics rereading journey, this e-reader app and you will prove to be a match made in book heaven. Serial Reader: Classic Books in Daily Bits brings you sustainable reading plans for free for more than 400 classic books, dividing each into short daily issues you can read in no more than 20 minutes. You can customize all aspects of your classics reading experience, and further features (syncing across any number of devices, highlights and notes, the ability to pause serial delivery, to name just a few) can be yours for a one-off in-app purchase costing $2.99.

NOOK – Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Comics

NOOK, although it’s shouting in all caps, is a sophisticated, award-winning iPhone e-reader app that stands out from the crowd with its versatility and its vast selection of e-books, magazines, graphic novels, and comics – 4 million of them, to be perfectly exact. In light of the fact that NOOK was launched by Barnes & Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States and a Fortune 500 company, the aforementioned sophistication and versatility are only natural. Out of the more than 4 million titles that NOOK’s online library is made up of, over 1 million are accessible for free; and speaking of free, you can subscribe to any magazine or newspaper for a duration of 14 days for a bank-breaking amount of zero cents. Via the app, you can join Serial Reads, Barnes & Noble’s free-of-charge reading program and get daily chapters delivered to your device, and there are recommendations, articles, and special offers (such as Free Fridays) you should not miss out on. Putting the icing on the cake is a fully customizable reading experience allowing you to fine-tune each detail – font style, spacing, margins, page animations, and screen brightness – according to your preferences, choose from different time-of-day themes or create your own text color-background color combos, add notes, bookmarks, and highlights, and last not least look up words with the in-app dictionary you can get ahold of through a prompt download. Oh, and we’ve saved the best for last: thanks to the iPhone’s cutting-edge assistive technology, low-vision and blind bookworms will have no trouble using the app thanks to features such as VoiceOver and screen magnification.

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