iBusiness: Keep Track of Your Business On-The-Go

Aug 4, 2011

So many people these days are constantly on the go, whether from traveling for work, working remotely or just always needing to be somewhere. There are several apps that all you to “check-in” on your business from the convenience of your iPhone. Here are my favs.

miCal – missing Calendar

the iPhone default calendar leaves quite a bit to be desired. miCal picks up where that app left off. The design and functionality of this calenda app is great. It easily integrates with google calendars and even your Facebook (which will show you events and friend’s birthdays). A fun bonus (if you don’t live in Texas currently) is the addition of current weather at the top of your daily agenda. My favorite feature is the ability to switch between daily, weekly, monthly and full year view with ease. If you are big on birthdays you can turn notifications on to alert you when it’s a friend’s birthday. And last but not least you can easily schedule an event, set reminders and invite specific contacts to that upcoming event.


Tungle – Calendar sharing & scheduling

ever had a 3 hour back and forth email dance with someone trying to figure out when you are both free to have lunch or for a phone conference? Tungle.me solves this problem. The mobile app is a seamless integration with the feature rich website that solves one simple problem— scheduling meetings with someone. Love this app! If someone says “let’s go to lunch” i can easily send them my Tungle.me link and they can pick the day.


Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

I’ve tried several productivity apps and I have become a big fan of wunderlist. I am still quite surprised that it’s free. Keeping track of your tasks in business can be a job by itself. With wunderlist you can sort your tasks in whatever manner works for you – by client or by project, and then easily view all of your tasks by what you need to do Today and what is already overdue (hopefully nothing). You decide what type of reminder is set for each item. The ability to the “Next 7 Days” list is also a great weekly planning feature if you are traveling or out of the office for a period of time.

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CardMunch – Business Card Reader by LinkedIn.

Raise your hand if you have a box of business cards on your desk or in your drawer from that conference you just went to? CardMunch is the solution to this problem. In as quick as you can snap a photo you can digitize your card collection, and better yet you will get a response back (generally within an hour) letting you check the accuracy of that contact. From there you decide if you want to add this person to your contacts, send them a follow up email or add them on LinkedIn. I spent an hour a few weekends ago requesting everyone I’d met at a previous conference on LinkedIn thanks to CardMuch. Having those contacts in my social network is by far more effective than sitting in a box on my desk!



Never be in a client meeting and be looking for “that file” again. With Dropbox you can easily have access to all your important documents from your laptop, iPad, and of course iPhone all at the same time. The app is a feature add-on for the dropbox.com service that allows for you to virtually backup any files that you want to keep or have while you are away from your office.


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