I Want My MTV!- Serious Apps

Jul 28, 2010

On August 1st, 1981 MTV debuted. While that makes me feel terribly old it’s well worth celebrating as it certainly changed the history of both television and music.

Thankfully MTV isn’t just about entertainment, they’re also about education and helping others. These apps will help you appreciate MTV’s more serious side. (all apps are by MTV Networks)

Pos or Not

One of the biggest misconceptions about HIV is that you can spot it. This app help break that idea by giving you pictures of people who are positive or not and having you guess. MTV has been very good at bringing awareness to HIV and AIDS and this app helps them break the stereotypes that are out there and hopefully keep more people from being infected. Kudos to you MTV.


Hope for Haiti Now

The event happened long ago as did the earthquake and yet there’s still much to do to heal this country. Thanks MTV for bringing awareness to this issue and focusing your resources on something still needed.


Rate My Professors

Years ago I had the worst professor ever. I went to class once a week just to learn when the next class was. I got a very good grade in the class and because the lectures were both boring and useless I missed nothing by not attending class. Unfortunately I spent a pretty penny on this class, money that was virtually wasted.

Having this resource for students will hopefully hold professors to a higher standard and while each person’s opinion is just that it’s usually easy enough to filter out the nonsense and get to how a prof rates overall. Great use of an app to better the educational experience.


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