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Jul 28, 2010

On August 1st, 1981 MTV debuted. While that makes me feel terribly old it’s well worth celebrating as it certainly changed the history of both television and music. Here’s some games from MTV to help you celebrate playfully!

The Last Airbender


Sky Storm – AddictingGames

If a flight game where you have dogfights in the sky is your game style then this game is for you. You get to pick your plane, fly different missions and unlock different aircraft as you level up. Great flying game.


Huje Tower – AddictingGames

A construction type game for those of us overwhelmed by flying. Build up to the line with your little characters and have fun constructing different structures.


iPark It! – AddictingGames

Practice your parking skills with this game (and prove to people that you can indeed drive… well, virtually). Only 5 lives so you better park it well!


World’s Hardest Game

Very 2-D but also very fun game. Simple in context but challenging. Great for those of us overwhelmed by too much 3-D graphics.


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