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Mar 23, 2010

Everyone wants to be involved in the political process and yet most of us are busy and being a government watchdog falls somewhere after making dinner and getting to work. But of course this is where the iPhone succeeds, bringing the information right to your phone rather than making you work for it or find time to surf the web to get this information.
If nothing else these apps will help you stay informed without spending hours a day reading about government.

Visible Vote Mobile

A little annoying in that it wants to get a bunch of your information including your political party (but will work without that info), this app lets you keep in touch with your friends and others and help look at the issues in question through a social lense. You can rate your approval for a legislator, vote on issues and compare your vote to that of a legislator, research the different bills you’re “voting” on and even write to your legislator about a specific issue. This app is only for federal government so it’s lacking on state issues but that said it is a much bigger and more interesting app than most of the other government apps out there. Very fun to play with if you’re a government geek.


Congress 411

This is the way to follow congress socially and by that I mean in terms of their social media. Each representative is listed from every state with their contact information including such things as their twitter account, youtube channel, voting history, website, etc. The video link gets you to the youtube videos posted by legislators without having to search all of youtube. If you want to see just how involved a legislator is with social media and then follow that person this is the app to have.



This app is the way to stay in the loop when it comes to government news. You get access to blogs and discussions from GovLoop, government news articles and trending government topics on twitter. If you want to read all the news about government in one place then this is the app for you.

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Real Time Congress

Maybe you want to follow congress and what they’re up to right now. Then this is the app for you. This app delivers schedules, documents and updates to your phone the moment they are released. There’s plans in the works to add the senate daily schedule and a number of other features so what is missing will soon be available. Definitely the app to have for anyone wanting minute by minute information on Congress.


Hello Washington

Another app to show who your representatives are in government. This app also gives you contact information about your government officials and lets you contact them by phone or email as well. With a small pricetag and the ability to post to forums, this app is worth it for those who really geek out on government apps and following government, but most of this info is available free elsewhere so if you’re looking for just one government app this one might not be best for you.


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