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Mar 17, 2010

You’re sitting in the doctor’s office. The doctor is running late. You forgot your book and you’re bored to tears. These apps are the ones I have on my phone for just such occasions. Not only will you be entertained while you wait for the doctor (or whomever) but you’ll learn something to boot.


I love TED talks but so regularly I forget to watch them or just don’t seem to have the time. Now with this app I can watch a TED talk while I’m waiting somewhere with time to kill. I can also share some of the best talks with friends without having to be at a computer. You can also favorite videos that you like to come back and watch again. If you’re not familiar with TED but the app sounds like a good idea I’d suggest watching Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media for a short video and Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight for a slightly longer one that might well be the best video on TED.



Unless you’re super into space geekery you might not spend much time at the NASA site or really know much more than the news will tell you about NASA’s space missions, but let’s face it, the stuff they’re doing is pretty cool, and being able to learn about it on the go is excellent too. Don’t worry, this app doesn’t use geek speak so even the most space illiterate among us will still benefit from the wealth of knowledge contained in this app. If nothing else look at the pretty pictures on the images tab or watch a video.


Musée du Louvre

I’d rather go to France and see all of this but even if I did I probably would miss something. This app fixes the issue by bringing great works of art to your phone. Not only can you browse the collection but you can take a tour of the Louvre, view the palace itself and get visitor information. If you can’t get to the Louvre in real life then get to the Louvre on your phone!

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You’ve always wanted to read Homer’s Odyssey but you just haven’t made it a priority. Well now you can by having it right there on your phone. Twenty three classic books are included on this app with a screen setting that makes them easy to read. Best yet the app bookmarks where you are in the book so you don’t have to search for it when you return.


Lynda: Learn New Skills with Online Courses

Award winning training videos. What more could you want? Without a subscription to Lynda.com you’ll only get a limited number of videos but there’s still plenty to learn here without spending a dime. Sure, much of it you’ll use for work as it will train you on software products primarily but then maybe you can write off that time waiting for the doctor as work time?


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