I love the smell of balata in the morning! Golf apps 4U

May 5, 2012

Tiger Woods might not be playing well, but there’s no reason why you can’t. Here are some apps to help tune up your game.

Tiger Woods: My Swing

Ever wonder what your swing looks like? Lots of players THINK they know, but video analysis apps like this show every aspect of the swing in clear detail. Many golfers will initially be shocked to see their form (or lack thereof). On the plus side, the app will help most amateurs immediately hone in on some simple fixes to help gain distance and straighten out their shots.


V1 Golf

Another great video swing analysis app. Record your swing and compare it side-by-side with a number of top professionals. Upload your swing for comments and analysis.



Fans of pro golf won’t want to miss this one. The official app of the PGA Tour features info on each tour event as well as an unbelievable wealth of player statistics.


GolfLogix Free 3D Golf GPS Scorecard, Stats, Tee Times

GPS has revolutionized the game of golf, and no player looking to improve should play without it. GPS apps like this show you EXACT distances to hazards and pins. They also help you keep track of the (REAL) distances you hit each of the clubs in your bag. Invaluable.


Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS + Scorecard + Tee Times

Another great GPS app. Offers access to tens of thousands of courses.


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