I got some ice cream, you can’t afford it!

Jun 28, 2010

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? AND in July there is also National Ice Cream Day? Well it is… back in 1984 Ronald Reagan made it so. So now it’s your civic duty to eat ice cream. Lots of it. And here’s the apps to help you with that.

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop of Happiness

Find a Ben and Jerry’s and MOST important don’t forget when they’re having free cone day!


Klondike Unfoiled!

a silly little game about getting at your Klondike bar. Hint, you’ll be able to do better if you put down the icecream in your hand!


DQ Restaurant Finder

Not really sure that this is still considered ice cream (it may have gone the way of “frozen dairy desert”) but none the less this is an iconic fast food ice cream shop and the app will help you find it.


Sweet Spot

Find bakeries (for cookies, for the ice cream) and ice cream shops no matter where you are. There’s no reason to ignore your civic duty just because you’re travelling so get your ice cream on!


Ben & Jerry’s Chuck-a-Chunk

More about milk and cookies than ice cream this app has to be included as it’s from the iconic Ben and Jerry’s. A free game that is amusing for at least as long as it takes them to scoop up your ice cream.


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