How to Set Up a New iPhone

Oct 26, 2017
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Getting a new iPhone can be an extremely exciting time as it is one of the most advanced mobile devices available. However, this degree of sophistication in the device comes at the cost of a setup process that can be confusing to first-time users. Although the initial setup on the phone is intuitive with the step-by-step instructions, optimizing and customizing the device to the preferences of the user is where it becomes more difficult. For this reason, this article discusses the steps in which new iPhone users can take to set up their phone.

Setting up the Phone

Setting up the phone is a simple step that has a step-by-step guide on what needs to be done.

First, a user needs to activate their device and set up a passcode as well as other apps to include Apple Pay.

Once this is done, several options are possible such as restoring the device, setting it up as a new phone, or even transferring files that were once on an Android device. Through these options, it becomes extremely easy to customize the device exactly how a user wants it, especially if they are transferring from an Android device to the iPhone.

Different options will require different methods of obtaining the data so it is important to ensure that the data of the previous device is stored somewhere where it can be accessed. For example, if users wish to get the data from iTunes, iTunes needs to be downloaded (next step) and the data needs to have been backed up on there.

Opposite to this, restoring the device from an iCloud backup does not require the use of iTunes but rather only an internet connection. After the device has been set up accordingly with the preferred data, users can then customize their device in terms of Siri, resolution, and analytics.

Installing iTunes

What differentiates Apple devices from others is that a specific software must be downloaded in order to sync various apps, music, videos, or photos as opposed to directly opening the files in the phone. For this reason, iTunes is essential for setting up the phone. Through iTunes, users can sync their media, backup their data, or restore data that was previously saved. To download this, users need to go to the Apple site and download/install iTunes. Although iTunes can be a hassle to utilize when compared to other plug-and-play devices that do need additional software, many important functions can be found here. For example, if a user wants to back up their device so that the data can be transferred to another device or restored at a later time, it can be done so easily.

From managing the device to downloading and installing iTunes to transfer files, the realm of setting up and using a new iPhone is significantly different from traditional plug-and-play devices. For this reason, this article clarifies the various steps that should be taken to set up the new device in a quick and easy way for those who are new to Apple products.

For a step by step guide, read our tutorial on setting up a new iPhone.

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