How to Not Lose AirPods

Nov 11, 2017
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One of the biggest developments in the mobile space has been the recent push away from wires, including charging and earphone cables. As they often tangle and can be broken, a wireless system would ensure the highest degree of convenience and durability. However, this shift has been met with mixed reviews as some people are greatly against this change as a result of incompatible existing earphones and the potential to lose the wireless earphones. While complimentary adapters can be purchased in order to make the phones work with existing, wired earphones, this article discusses the different products that can be used to help users keep their wireless earphones.

AirPod Straps

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the AirPods are always together and not misplaced is to use the AirPod Straps which are available on Amazon. With the straps, users simply connect the cord between the bottoms of the AirPods to ensure that they are always connected. As the cord is connected to the just the AirPods and not the phone, it does not become an inconvenience to use or get tangled. Built with light and durable materials, the strap is designed for regular usage whether for commutes or physical activities such as going to the gym. Furthermore, without any need to connect to the phone, there are no internals of the cord that can break or become detached as with regular earphones. With two in each pack, one clear and one white, users can easily swap out the cord for more variety in colors. At an extremely inexpensive price, the strap is only $7.90, or an average of $3.45 for each of the two cords.

AirPods Case

As a comprehensive case which can hold more than just the charger for the AirPods, the AirPods Case is able to store the charging case, cord, and wall adapter so that they can be charged anywhere as long as an outlet is available. Although bulkier than simply carrying around just the traditional holder, the AirPods Case is one that can protect all of the accessories inside. Through the use of durable and water resistant shell, all of the content is able to withstand any drops that would otherwise damage the earphones. While the case may be larger than simply carrying around the AirPod holder by itself, it is still extremely compact and can fit in most handbags or purses without taking up a significant amount of space. Perfect for those who want to ensure that their AirPods are properly stored to avoid losing them as well as the other accessories that are needed to power them, AirPods Case is a perfect tool that can provide a compact and lightweight holder.

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Given the notorious nature of Apple-shaped earphones to slip out of the ear when users are walking or working out, the EarBuddy is an accessory that can prevent the loss of AirPods while providing a more secure fit in the ear. Through the use of a grip that is able to provide a better fit in the ear, users can use the AirPods without having to worry about them failing out, especially since there is no longer a cord to secure them. Without compromising the feel and listening experience that the AirPods give, EarBuddyz is designed for those who are often on the move and have a high risk of losing their AirPods by falling out of their ear. With two pairs of the silicone hooks for every order, the cost per pair is only $5.50, a price that is great for a heightened listening experience.


Similar to EarBuddyz, EarbudiFlex is a silicon extension to the AirPods that also help users keep their earphones. While the EarBuddyz have hooks that are designed to go on the inside of the ear, the EarbudiFlex is an accessory that wraps around the outside of the ear. Perfect for those who are more active and may move around more, the hooks do not diminish the listening experience while still having a small physical presence. Easy to attach onto the AirPods, they come in a range of colors so that users can choose exactly how they want their EarbudiFlex to look. As an accessory that attaches to the outside of the ear, those who regularly use Siri may be concerned that the ability to tap the earphones to activate Siri may not be available. However, this method of activating Siri is still possible and hence it has no impact on Siri access.

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Given that Apple is one of the first companies to introduce the wireless earphones, the AirPods will be the center of the article although these tools can similarly be used for other wireless earphones. As a great way to ensure that users do not have to replace the wireless earphones that can cost over $80, these inexpensive tools should be used for those with wireless earphones.

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