How to go over any hair and cut it out on iPhone or iPad

Mar 17, 2017
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We all love smartphones, because they are always within an arm reach to catch the best moments in our life situations, easily manipulate those images and share them directly into our favorite social media channels. But, oftentimes, there is a big problem when a PC is out of reach- how to select and cut out people with that perfectly imperfect messy hair to include their picture perfect smiles on the prank or any other photo-manipulations you are making. This article explores the ways in which users can select and smoothly cut out any hair from an image on a mobile device.

Until recently making cutouts of any messy hair was possible only by using Photoshop™, or other professional graphic design software on laptop or PC. Not speaking of the skills one would need to master to get accurate selection around messy hair.

You would ask what about mobile photo editors such as Enlight, Picsart, Pixlr, Retouch, FaceTune, etc. available nowadays that offer multiple features of editing? Well, none of those makes it possible to accurately select and make smart cutouts of messy hair from any image.

This article explores the ways in which users can select and smoothly cut out any hair from an image on a mobile device with the help of Pixomatic mobile photo editor, which has introduced the first-ever mobile hair selection tool last week. The uniqueness of Hair Tool mobile feature is the possibility to select and smoothly cutout any type of messy hair with the help of fingertips and without any prior skills.

The first-ever mobile hair selection tool is live now

Pixomatic, a layer based mobile photo editor allows to crop certain elements from a picture and put them into another picture along with the possibility to replace or remove the backgrounds, apply various artistic transfer filters, create dynamic coloursplash effects, add shadows or text, etc. to the images directly from your mobile device. In order to select and cut out any hair, users simply need to:

  1. Open Pixomatic app.
  2. Make a cutout.
  3. Select the image you want to be the background from any of your photo albums and Apply Change Background.
  4. Go to Hair tool in Refine Menu.
  5. Try to work with thinner brush size and paint only problematic areas. For more accurate results paint all those areas of hair that have background parts tangled with.
  6. Tap on Next.
  7. Tap on Preview to see the result.
  8. Try out Pixomatic new Artistic Style Transfer Filters to transform your edits into aesthetic artworks.
  9. Once the final result is achieved, the image can be exported in high resolution.
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hair cut steps

At the moment Pixomatic “Hair Selection” Tool is available for iOS only and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

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