How to Charge Your Mobile Phone Faster

Oct 30, 2017
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As the battery capacity on mobile devices continues to increase with every update, the amount of time that it takes to charge the device takes longer to complete. Although many developments have been made to speed up the process to include advanced cords and wireless chargers, charging the device can still be a hassle and take a significant amount of time. In order to reduce the amount of time that it takes to charge a device, this article discusses the various strategies and accessories that can be implemented to speed up the charging cycle.

Mobile Apps: Fast Charging (Android)

Mobile apps can be utilized to reduce the amount of charging time. Although apps are usually associated with consuming batteries, Fast Charging is an app that is designed to increase the speed at which the battery is charged. Through the app, users can increase their charging speed by up to 30% as a result of the settings that are altered. Once the device is plugged in to a power source, the app will automatically activate so that the device is optimized for charging. For example, Fast Charging detects once a charge is taking place and then adjusts the various settings so that the amount of power that is consumed is reduced. The settings that are adjusted include turning off the connectivity settings such as Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth. In doing so, the device can charge more efficiently at the cost of being connected to the internet.  Although Fast Charging is just one of the apps that can be used to increase the charging speed, many alternatives exist on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

Charging Cable: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (Android)

While many phones come with standard charging cables that can be used to charge the device as well as transfer data, not all of the available cords are created equal. Although some cords are better at transferring a large amount of data between a computer and a mobile device, others are better at providing a quicker charge. One of the fastest charging cables is the AnkerPowerLine which is not only more efficient in charging, but is also more durable when compared to standard cables. What differentiates this cable from the default cable is that it is made with high-strength material that increases its lifespan. Furthermore, the wires are made in a special way that reduces the charging time. This includes lower resistance in terms of cables material as well as a thicker wiring which collectively increases the speed at which the battery can be charged. Similarly to the apps that are designed to increase app charging efficiency, alternative cables also exist for Apple devices as well.

Adjusting Various Settings

Beyond apps and charging cables, various settings can be adjusted to charge the device more efficiently. For example, when charging the device, putting it on Airplane mode can significantly increase the efficiency at which the device is being charged. However, using this method would render the phone unconnected to the network or internet so it should be implemented only when the device is not needed at all. Using this method, the device can be charged much more quickly than if airplane mode were off.

Beyond this, it is highly recommended that features that are not being used be turned off so that they do not consume any batteries during the charging cycle. This includes GPS and NFC features which typically consumes a large amount of battery power. Furthermore, it is wise to turn off all of the apps that may be running in the background as they consume batteries unnecessarily.

One of the things that can be effective in increasing the charging speed of the device is to not use it while it is charging. Although this is intuitive, using the phone while it is charging can significantly increase the amount of time that is required to charge the device. To reduce the temptation that may be present when users are charging their device, notifications should be minimized or the device turned off altogether. This ensures that the charge can be done in the most efficient way without being interrupted or having power used by background tasks.

Given the inconvenience that is associated with  having to constantly charge a mobile device, the strategies outlined in this article are able to significantly streamline the process of charging a phone. From hardware solutions such as cables to software strategies that include mobile apps and adjusting various settings, the combination of these tactics can be used to reduce the amount of charging time that is required. As the battery capacity on mobile devices continues to increase, so will the required charging time and hence these strategies continue to become more relevant with every mobile update.

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