Hot Games for March!

Feb 27, 2011

All these games look fun, but which one is more your style?


I was terrible at real life Jenga as a kid and I’m just as bad at it now on my phone. Seems much like the real thing though so this is a must have for Jenga Lovers!


Egg vs. Chicken

This is a fun game that gets increasingly stressful as you scramble (pun intended) to get your similarly colored eggs in a row to shoot at the different chicks and chickens headed your way! A worthwhile game!



This is a very cute game that test your timing, dexterity and general creativity. This game includes different activities such as turning off multiple alarms as quickly as possible or sliding the soap around the maze so it reaches Albert in the bathtub and all the while you must find the treasures in each level. A whimsical game!


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