Jan 26, 2010

This is a list of the apps i use to keep contact with the world.


Of all the twitter clients i’ve tried(& believe me, i’ve tried almost all of them), i found this to be my personal favorite. All the features i was looking for in a twitter app + great UI made me retire tweetdeck(desktop & mobile) for this app. I think the only thing i would say it is missing is push notification, but the ‘Notifications’ app solves this problem!



1st off, let me say that i probably would be considered a casual facebook user. My twitter is linked to it, so it gets a lot of feedback from my tweets. (With that said)If you use FB, consider this ‘complex simplicity’… This app cuts down on the information overload of the FB webpage & gives you one of, if not the best application versions of a site i’ve seen so far.


eBuddy Messenger

Seriously, IM+…got it! BeeJive…own it! Palringo,QQ,Fring…check,check,&check! I just prefer eBuddy. Don’t know why, it just works for me. Everything i need, nothing i don’t. & it looks great!


VoiceFree – AudioPeople

This apps ‘primary’ function is to record audio messages & allow you to post them to your friends wall on Facebook. Its secondary function is the reason its on this list. It also allows push-to-talk style communication between users of the app. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, but find myself preferring to send a quick voice message to friends that own app over texting or even IM’n. The key to making this(like many other “networking” apps) work for you, is building your network!

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I honestly added this app to this list because of THIS website. I haven’t used it nearly as much as i use the actual website & everytime i recommend it to a friend, they “don’t see what’s so great about it’…so i end up trying to ‘redirect’ them here. I hope something is done to make this app as great as this website.


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