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May 15, 2017

Although religion is a touchy subject that has loads of potential to unleash an ugly war of words, it is perhaps not sacrilegious to say that for most people, as the one and only Jimi Hendrix once wittily declared, music is a religion. Looking at music from a spiritual standpoint, it often feels like that music is something divine that was bestowed upon us by some higher power and that once-in-a-lifetime performers – geniuses bursting with so much talent that you’d probably shed a tear even if they sang the instruction manual of a tractor – have access to have access to intangible dimensions where beautiful melodies and song lyrics abound. The power of music is conspicuous: it can help you through the toughest times in your life from heartbreaks to the loss of loved ones, it brings people together, it helps you forget about your everyday problems, it gives you motivation and perseverance, and it serves as a common language for people all around the world. Since existing without music is impossible, we’d be willing to bet the price of the piano on which John Lennon wrote “Imagine” that you’re listening to your favorite artists on your iPhone almost all the time. To ensure that you can make the most out of your music-listening experience, we’ve collected the best iPhone music apps of all time. Press play!

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is a music app that has been providing on-demand listening for so many years that it makes us feel older than the age of all Rolling Stones members combined, so first and foremost, shame on you Spotify! To get this introduction back on track, let’s take a closer look at what Spotify brings to the table – or perhaps we should rather address the elephant in the room: on-demand listening on Spotify is not free, as it requires a Spotify Premium subscription. With Spotify’s free version, you can browse and listen to playlists, share your own playlists, and enjoy songs from any artist, album or playlist – here comes the trick! – in shuffle mode. Regarding Spotify Premium, it gets you better sound quality, offline and on-demand listening, and kills ads like video killed the radio star in 1979.



Don’t let your judgement be clouded by the ever-growing number of negative reviews, SoundCloud is very much worth a try if you’re a true music fanatic. Proving that things – both good and bad – come in threes, in SoundCloud, you can choose from three packages. The first, wholly free-of-charge package gives you access to more than 120 million tracks courtesy of all sorts of performers from up-and-coming singer-songwriters perfecting their craft at small venues to world-famous superstars selling out large arenas. You can expand your musical horizons thanks to SoundCloud’s suggested tracks which are based on the songs you’ve previously liked or listened to and also thanks to SoundCloud’s charts covering a wide range of genres from 60s soul to contemporary hip-hop. To top it off, SoundCloud allows you to connect with your favorite artists, as well as your friends, and you can create playlists for different moods and occasions. The second option, SoundCloud Go – clocking in at a monthly fee of $5.99 – nets you ad-free and offline listening, but the best thing about is that a percentage of your monthly fee goes directly to the artists featured on SoundCloud. The third option is SoundCloud Go+, which, after a free 30-day trial period, costs $12.99 per month. SoundCloud Go+ comes equipped with an expanded music catalog made up of more than 150 million songs you can stream or save for offline listening. There are, of course, no ads, and just like in the case of SoundCloud Go, a part of your monthly subscription fee goes directly to artists.

Bandsintown Concerts

For someone whose religion is music, attending the concerts of their favorite bands and performers is nothing short of a spiritual experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. With Bandsintown Concerts, the best concert discovery app known to mankind, you can track your favorite artists and get notifications when they’re about to hit a festival or concert venue near you, you can RSVP to shows and share concert details with your friends on a variety of social media platforms, and you can, of course, purchase tickets from hundreds of ticket sits or directly in the app. Bandintown packs concerts listings for every single city in the world, and contains tour info for all your favorite artists from Bruce Springsteen to Kendrick Lamar.

Bandsintown Concerts Google Play

Music by: Silent Killer Track: http://bnds.in/Track_SilentKiller_on_Bandsintown Listen: http://bnds.in/Listen_SilentKiller_on_Soundcloud Stream: http://bit.ly/Listen_SilentKiller_on_Spotify Follow: http://bnds.in/Follow_SilentKiller_on_Facebook Support: http://bit.ly/SilentKiller_on_Beatport

Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

Even if you’re a living music encyclopedia with a vinyl collection that would leave High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon impressed, there will come a time when you’ll hear a song you won’t be able to identify- for instance a track played during the ending credits of an Albanian arthouse film. But worry none, my wayward son, as Shazam provides a perfect solution for such unfortunate occurrences. Just launch the app, wait 30 seconds for Shazam to work its magic, and your thirst for information on the song you’ve never heard before will be thoroughly quenched. Shazam delivers a YouTube video of the song in question, offers you the chance to preview the track on Apple Music and to purchase it in the iTunes Store, and you can also read lyrics, discover similar songs, follow artists to check out what they’ve been Shazamming and thus add new flavors to your tastes in music, start an Apple Music station using the songs you’ve Shazamed – as you can see, Shazam is immensely versatile and a must-have app for music fanatics worldwide.

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Amazon Music

With Amazon Music, you can let your music mania run wild and free like an amazon in the jungle, as it gets you access to a ginormous music database containing tens of millions of songs and thousands of curated playlists and radio-stations. You can also enjoy weekly releases bringing you the latest top-of-the-charts hits and offline listening – but, as always, there’s an if: if you purchase an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for $9.99 per month. In case you have an Amazon Prime membership, subscription fees are more wallet-friendly, $7.99 per month or $79 per annum. Speaking of the Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Music provides free-of-charge streaming services for Prime members, allowing them to discover a curated music catalog comprised of two million ad-free songs, playlists, and radio stations. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, you can purchase any song available on Amazon via the app, listen to the music you’ve bought right away, and also import your iTunes collection to the Amazon Cloud using the app’s desktop edition.

Vevo – Watch Music Videos

If you’ve ever used YouTube – and we dare to guess that you have – you must be familiar with Vevo. Vevo is to today’s teens what MTV used to be in the 90s for the elder statesmen and stateswomen of millennials, as Vevo is home to the music videos of today’s biggest hits performed by the brightest shining stars of contemporary pop music. The Vevo app specializes is delivering a personalized music video experience, allowing you to cherry-pick your favorite featured artists and get notified every time they launch a new music video, a can’t-miss collab, or a goosebumps-inducing live performance. You can follow fellow Vevo users and artists, and also put together genre-based playlists from your most beloved songs.

Vevo – New Vevo App For iOS Now Available!

Download The New v4 Vevo App Now! http://facebook.com/vevo http://twitter.com/vevo http://instagram.com/vevo http://vevo.tumblr.com

YouTube Music

Ah, the curse of the related and recommended videos! Getting lost and completely derailed from your original goal on YouTube is easier than falling in love with the silky smooth voice of Otis Redding, so even if you’re opening the app with serious music listening plans in mind, you can easily end up watching basketball sneaker reviews in about fifteen minutes. YouTube Music eliminates all non-musical distractions, and features an engine that learns your tastes over time, resulting in more relevant and more personalized recommendations. If you have a YouTube Red subscription (which, by the way, is free for a month), you can watch all music videos completely ad-free, keep listening to music even when your screen is turned off, and last not least put together offline mixtapes you can listen to without having to sacrifice a single byte of your mobile data plan.

Pandora – Music & Radio

Pandora – Music & Radio specializes in delivering a wholly personalized music experience, which means that you can create personalized radio stations from songs, artists, and genres. Just like in the case of YouTube Music, the more you use Pandora, the more the app will learn about your musical tastes, and the more fitting recommendations it will provide. If you’re shooting for free-of-charge use, be prepared for ads and limited skips and replays. To get rid of this hardly likable trio of, you only have to spend $4.99 per month on Pandora Plus, which will also net you offline listening and higher quality audio. If you’re shooting for the stars, and by stars we mean even more advanced features, go for the $12.99 per month Pandora Premium, a blend of on-demand listening and personalized radio.

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Google Play Music

A Google-made music app on an iPhone? What has the world come to? Don’t worry, we’re only kidding. Sort of. Putting clowning aside, Google Play Music offers outstanding music streaming services for free, delivering recommendations based on a variety of factors (e.g. current mood, location, or activity) and giving you access to song-, artist-, and album-specific radio stations and thousands of playlists put together by experts. Bad news for everyone living outside the U.S. and Canada: these features are only free in the aforementioned two countries, and require a subscription everywhere else. But worry none, rest of the world, as subscribing for Google Play Music only cuts into your budget for $9.99 per month, and it catapults the app’s capabilities to a whole ‘nother level: on-demand access to more than 40 million songs, ad-free and offline listening, and, to put the cherry on top, a YouTube Red membership without any additional charges.

iHeart Radio – Free Music & Radio Stations

IHeart Radio is as versatile of a music app as Ben Harper’s discography. With iHeart Radio, you can listen to AM and FM radio stations from all around the world, follow the sports world’s latest events on major sports radio stations, and stream your favorite podcasts. Regarding you music, you can put together your own radio station, selecting your favorite artists and tracks from a music catalog made up of millions of songs covering a wide array of genres. Oh, and have mentioned that all of these features are free? If you’re looking for a little extra – such as unlimited skips, offline listening, saving and replaying songs, and the ability to create as many playlists as your iHeart dictates – for a few bucks per month, you can choose from a pair of premium plans: iHeartRadio Plus for $5.99 and iHeartRadio All Access for $12.99.

iHeartRadio – Free Radio and Music in One App

Download the app for free today ► http://onelink.to/r8vykg The free iHeartRadio app gives you unlimited music and the best live radio stations, and now includes premium features like; ♥ Downloading unlimited music for offline listening ♥ Saving and replaying songs from the radio ♥ Unlimited skips for artist stations ♥ Creating personalized playlists Download today in the Google Play and App Store to get these features and more.


TIDAL is far from being a revolutionary app that will send tidal waves through the music app genre, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more on outstandingly sophisticated features, you’ll definitely love it. TIDAL prides itself on being the very first music service bringing you songs – no less than 40 million of them – in lossless Hi-Fi quality, while also giving you access to over 130,000 ad-free, HD music videos. Moreover, TIDAL packs heaps of curated content (playlists, recommendations, album reviews, and articles) courtesy of some of the best music journalists in the business to help you expand your musical horizons. Miscellaneous features include offline listening, artist- and song-specific radios, playlists, and many more – at least as many as there are marijuana references in a Sublime or a Slightly Stoopid song. A Tidal Premium subscription costs $12.99 per month, while the Hi-Fi package adds $25.99 to your monthly expenses.

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