Highly Addictive Games

Oct 26, 2010

Some people (my teenage brother and on some days my boyfriend) missed the memo that smartphones have a phone element to them and use their phone as a every growing gaming device. Here are some games with high addiction factor. Consider yourself warned.

Angry Birds

This might possibly be the most trendy game right now. It’s an incredibly addictive logic game that will drive you crazy but it’s a lot of fun! Who knew flinging birds could be something you’d have a desire to do?


Cut the Rope Original™

You will end up getting attached to the squishy little green guy that has an unhealthy appetite for candy. He never gets tired of chompin down.


Catapult Madness

This is a fun time waster. When you win, you earn the right to fling the king himself thousands of yards into bombs and ogre’s.


Tap Tap Revenge 3

This is one of those games that will actually require practice to get good at. Prepare for this to become a long term addiction.


Need for Speed Shift

The ability to buy upgrades for some really cool cars makes this a pretty costly, but definitely worth it racing app.


Jet Car Stunts

After mastering this game, you will find yourself scheming up how to attach air brakes and a jet engine to your own car. Awesome replay-ability. Mamas don’t let your babies drive jet cars.


Gravity Runner

Great 2D sidescroller! Run through increasingly difficult levels and avoid spikes by switching gravity in hopes of winning the glorious golden trophy.


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