Hey Where Are You is an app to bypass

Aug 31, 2009

Hey Where Are You is a free app that claims to find out where your friends or family members are. As the app does not always work, use it with caution, if at all. 

Have you ever wondered whether your spouse is really staying late at work? Or if your kid is really at a friend’s house? Well, then you have trust issues. I kid, of course. For some these are real issues and by using the iPhone’s GSM capabilities you can get answers to some potentially troublesome questions.

HeyWAY, which is what the cool kids call it, is about as basic as an app can get. You can either send your location to others or request them to send their location to you. A Google map then appears with a blue pin marking your location.

Conspiracy theorists need not worry. You have to authorize others to see your location. The app also works with Push Notification, so if you get a request, you will receive it even if you do not have the app open.

The app is far from perfect. Although it provided the location of my house down to the specific intersection, it was off by a couple of houses. I am guessing the husband who insists to his wife he was at work – and not at the bar down the street – will not appreciate bugs like this.

That was the only snafu I experienced with the app, though it definitely makes me wary about whether it can consistently be completely accurate.

The fact that it works with Push Notification is huge, and no one will complain about the price. Just know that if your kid comes home and promises he really was at little Johnny’s house, it may be the iPhone, and not your kid, that is lying.

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