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May 10, 2017

For those who are looking to advance their career and education by taking a Masters of Business Administration degree, many valuable skills and connections can be made through the program. As a well-recognized designation on an international level, a significant amount of benefit can be derived from enrolling in the program in terms of knowledge that can be applied to the workplace. For this reason, those who complete an MBA can expect an average salary increase of $42,000 according to Fortune magazine. With so many benefits associated with taking the degree, this article collects the best apps that are designed to help applicants get accepted as well as succeed.


In order to be a competitive applicant in the process of applying to an MBA program, students must first take a standardized test called the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) to assess a variety of skills from reading to analytical abilities. With a maximum score of 800, this is a daunting task throughout the MBA process as the scores dictate which schools an applicant is eligible for. To help prepare for the test, GMAT Prep offers thousands of questions ranging from Quantitative to Verbal questions and is designed to be extremely comprehensive to cover the material that is similar to the actual exam. Through answering the questions, users can gauge to see how well they are performing and what their estimated score will be on the actual test. With this, if a user’s score is lower than what they want, they are able to keep trying until their estimated score is on par with their expectations. Beyond just simply displaying the questions and answers, explanations are also provided as to allow those who are taking the test to understand the methodology behind approaching the question in the correct way, making it one of the best apps for the GMAT exam.


As an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi offers a more interactive and engaging way of presenting that goes beyond basic slides. Using motion, zooming, and various transitions, presentations are made to be much more captivating. Furthermore, as presentations are a large aspect of most MBA programs, this tool can be used to help students perfect their ability to convey ideas to a large number of people even from the mobile app. Although edits to the Prezi cannot be made through the mobile app, it allows users to view and practice the content without the lag that is often associated with mobile presentation tools. Beyond this, the content that is edited and saved on the web version of Prezi is automatically synced to the cloud so that it can be accessed from any mobile device. This makes the process of getting the presentation to the app substantially easier in order to practice or receive feedback from others even without a computer nearby.

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As a professional network, LinkedIn offers a more suitable place to connect with others in an MBA program than Facebook. As one of the largest benefits of attending the program is in the connections that can be made to be leveraged at a later point, the app is ideal for enabling communication on a professional level among others. As users are able to upload their professional and educational history onto their profile, others who have similar interests or are aware of an available position can quickly refer them to it. Furthermore, as many MBA students are also looking for career opportunities either for graduation or as an internship, users are able to purchase the Job Seeker subscription in order to make their profile stand out and better reach the right people for $29.99. Although this option is relatively more expensive than other job tools, it enables the user to gain more visibility among employers.

Microsoft Word

Given all of the reports that a student must go through for their MBA degree, Microsoft Word is a massively popular tool that has expanded to form a mobile app for on-the-go usage. With many of the same functions that are offered on the desktop application, Microsoft Word on the iPhone is highly versatile which can be used to view, edit, or share documents.   With tracked changes and comments enabled, the app effectively turns into a collaboration tool in a group setting is common in a typical MBA curriculum. Although there are other document editors available on the App Store, Microsoft Word is a tool which many people are already familiar with and have on their desktop. With this, syncing between the desktop and mobile version is made to be simple so that transferring files between the two versions is seamless. Beyond this, printing can be done straight from the app for printers with wireless connections instead of having to first send the document to a computer. The combination of these tools makes the app perfect for MBA students who may have to do their work in a way that is more portable than laptops.

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Flow Tasks

As a core aspect of the MBA program is to allow students to work and collaborate as they would in a real job setting, working in teams is something that is very common. One tool that is able to facilitate teamwork and management is Flow Tasks which has a host of features including the ability to keep track of the task that everyone is assigned to, discuss and share ideas, and organize everything according to category. As an app which is used by large organizations, Flow Task ensures that everyone is accountable for their own work which is often regarded as a management issue for MBA students. Furthermore, through notifications, notes, and comments, everyone in the group is able to contribute and have their voice heard for maximum collaboration. Considered to be an all-in-one tool when it comes to working in groups, Flow Task is a must-have for those looking for a group management tool when working in a team.



GoToMeeting is an easy way to attend online meetings – and now you can take it to go! You can download the universal app and join a meeting on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch in seconds just by tapping the link in your invitation email. View slide presentations, design mockups, spreadsheets, reports – whatever meeting presenters choose to share on-screen.

The tools outlined in the article are able to significantly ease students looking to enroll or who are already enrolled in the MBA program. From taking the GMAT to connecting with others in the class, these apps are designed to supplement the academic material in the classroom for more applicable management skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and presentations.

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