Help clean up the Gulf from your iPhone

Aug 2, 2010

Now that it appears that the Gulf oil spill is under control, it’s time to think about cleaning and restoring the wildlife in the area. These apps allow you to contribute from the comfort of your iPhone.

BP Gulf Oil Spill News

Keep up to date with the latest oil spill news and progress with this all-in-one news app.


BP Oil Spill Tracker

Not only does this app help keep track of the spill, but it also allows you to report tar on a Gulf beach. Just take a picture, upload it to the app, and it will be reported to the proper authorities in that area. It’s an easy way to do your part in the clean up process.


Save The Gulf

Read the stories and share the news on your favorite social networking sites to help spread the world about what’s happening in our Gulf.


Clean The Gulf

This app lets you in on the history and progression of the oil spill in comparison to other spills, and even has a “How to Help” option.


Map the Spill

Help clean up crews identify where they’re needed with this app — you can record filed notes, photos, and sound clips and share them with the public.


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