Healthy Recipies, Grocery Shopping, and Eating

Jan 27, 2012

Quick apps to assist in healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss

Healthy Eating

How to Snack healthy, develop your own step by step plan to meet your new years health goals on a budget.


Healthy You

Quick reminders on what do put in and how to use our bodies for the most success in life.


Dare to be Healthy

Highlights from a number of books written 1910-1919 (before Big Pharma became “health care”) by Louis Dechmann about his findings from his naturopathic clinic in New York about hydrotherapy and diet.


Healthy Juice Recipes

Since 88 bottled juices were found to contain higher than FDA standards of toxic arsenic and lead, juicing at home is more important than ever. This app has a step by step list and instructions for powerful juices to clear skin, diabetes, heart problems, circulation, vision, anemia, constipation, weight loss, and so so much much more.



Health Videos from HealthiNation


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