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Jul 3, 2010

Hi the Environment is a BIG TOPIC these days and for good reason it is very important! But people love to find out how to save money, save their health, save the environment and can have fun doing it. There are several good apps I have them and want to share info so you can enjoy them too! First is my Eco Chef App of course, it just became available on June 22 and was #4 yesterday on and App Store and featured on NEW AND NOTEWORTHY section by Apple as a result and with 5 Star ratings and reviews. I am trying to reach #1 position so please help me thank you I promise you will LOVE Eco Chef App it is only $2 and it has something for everyone: totally new fun recipes that are good for you and the planet, are your favorite junk food/comfort food/fast foods but are now the most healthy and quick and easy to make no one else has this only Eco Chef App and it only takes 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes to make and I prove it in instructional videos. There are gorgeous photos, cute Celebrity Co-hostesses, Celebrity Interviews, Eco Car Reviews and more being added each and every week, we did our best to make the best most innovative Recipe and Celebrity Chef App possible with fun features, surprises and more! My next pick is Whole Foods free Recipe App it is ok there are a few good recipes and it is free. iGreen App is ok it has 13 Sources of Eco Green information but some people want more than 13 sources it is $1. Ecoki is a free Eco news App I have to try it to see but the description seems good I need to use it for a few more days but it is FREE! :o)

Eco Chef Bryan Au

Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals with Bryan Au

Well it is my new Eco Chef App! :o) But it really is very good we added the most fun features, took Recipe and Celebrity Apps to the next level, more innovations, recipes, photos, photo sequences, fun instructional videos with Celebrity Co-hostesses, colorful, amazing recipes, info, we did our best to make it the best and people love it! It is #4 on and App Store yesterday and featured on NEW AND NOTEWORTHY front section of because Apple noticed it too and with all 5 Star ratings and reviews so I hope you can enjoy it and recommend it too as I would love to reach #1! Being eco, healthy, having fun, fashionable, celebs and more being added each and every weeks you have to try Eco Chef the MUST HAVE APP of the Year! :o)

The environment, health, weight loss, gaining muscles are all important topics and for good reason with Eco Chef App you get it all in the most fun App with new info being added and experts every week!

I also hope my Eco Chef APP will finally make my recipes and cuisine the next Major Food Trend, Media Diet and Eco Lifestyle so it will be interesting to see what happens! :o)

Eco Chef Bryan Au


Find Green

Interesting eco app this is a great Free Eco App it finds Eco Green businesses, restaurants, Yoga Studios or anything you need in your town, city or area. It works great and I really like the graphics and functionality along with usefulness of this app. It is very important to support businesses that care about your health, well being and the environment, it is something I am very passionate about as well.



A good FREE Eco App I have to use it more to see but so far I like it and it is free!


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