Happy Seattle

Mar 16, 2010

Work is done and now it’s time to get happy, Seattle style. This list will help you find great happy hour deals in Seattle, and get you home should you get to be a little too happy.

Seattle Cocktail Compass

Put out by the Stranger this app will help you find happy hours around Seattle and give you the amount of time left before each one is over. You can make places a favorite and even search your current neighborhood (or any other) to find places close to you. This app doesn’t have every happy hour but a large number are included and for free, it’s worth the money.



Let’s face it, if it comes to any type of food or drink you need Yelp. Sure, there’s a happy hour at a bar you don’t know, but do you really want to go there? This app will tell you and tends to be pretty good at recommendations and reviews. Use it to double check that first date happy hour to make sure it’s not too much of a dive bar experience.


Happy Hours

This app gives you what Cocktail Compass doesn’t… a list of features, cuisine and specials for every location that lists this information. The filter is more robust and the list of happy hours seems to be more complete. That said, with both of them free, why not have both for cross referencing and verifying?



You’ve had a bit too much and tomorrow’s payday. Use this app to get yourself home safe and sound without spending a fortune.


Curb – The Taxi App

Pfft… you’re out at happy hour because it’s payday so forget that bus and grab a taxi. This app will also save you when travelling and at a currently free price you’ll want to have this on your phone.

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