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Aug 2, 2012

I created this list because I love to workout but was sick of the same routines and workouts. I picked apps that not only showed me new workouts but were user friendly.

Nike+ Training Club – Workouts for every level, guided by the world’s best trainers.

I chose Nike Training Club because it provides me with multiple different workouts to choose from. I also liked that there was a video showing you how to do the workouts.


Butt Workouts Free

A great app showing workouts for one of the harder to tone areas. I really liked all exercises of this sort were grouped together in one app.


Tracker – Fitness and Nutrition Tracking

Allows me to keep track of my fitness and eating goals.. in one place! Plus, the tracking tools have showed me a few new workouts I wasn’t aware about.


Walk Tracker – GPS Fitness Tracker for Walkers

I love walking outdoors and this app keeps track of how far I walk as well as the speed and distance that I do it at.


FoodScanner – Calorie, Diet, and Weight Loss

I love that I am able to take a picture and see what type of nutrients are in it. It’s super quick and easy to use anywhere!


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