Guns of Boom – Blasting Makes Me Feel Good

Jun 16, 2017

Guns of Boom is a multiplayer shooter in the vein of Valve’s Team Fortress 2. It’s not interested in highbrow, super serious action. If anything, it aspires to the blender utterly mad chaos of a reflex shooter with a dash of creative game design. The result isn’t perfect, but for a mobile multiplayer shooter, it’s not bad. It’s never groundbreaking, but it manages to be fun and engaging.

The main hook with Guns of Boom is that your trigger finger is automatic. Instead of worrying about who has the fastest trigger finger, Guns of Boom wants you to keep your eye on your aim and movement. Grenade throws and regenerating your health are manual button taps, but overall, it’s a very simplified system that works remarkably well.

Matches themselves are very simple. You and two teammates fight three other players in several small arena maps. Whichever team scores the most points by the time the match ends wins, and everyone gets some credits to drop on upgrades and new items. Variety won’t be found in your objectives, but instead, in the number of guns at your disposal. While you start off with an initial pair of two weapons, there is a sizable armory of alternatives you can slowly unlock as you keep playing.

For my time playing, I primarily stuck to the starter assault rifle and blunderbuss, but was also able to grab an opponent’s SMG to test out. I’m happy to report they all felt distinct and satisfying, and also the automatic firing won’t just trigger regardless of distance. Shotguns require you be in range to fire off, and SMGs are middle range so you have to use cover to close the distance. Assault rifles and longer range weapons can fire from greater distance, but you’ve got smaller windows to aim for. There is an ironsights toggle for those looking to snipe or pop-off headshots, although you’ll move far slower while doing so.

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The only disconcerting part about your weapons is that upgrading them gives objective improvements. While it’s possible to cap out your guns through playing fair, this does lean towards a pay to win mentality. Similarly, you can purchase armor to buff your defense, and both your health regens and grenades are refilled via a free lootbox unlocked every six hours or so. Based on what I’ve seen, you can unlock everything without spending a dime, but it will take time. I hope that developer Game Insight has proper matchmaking in place to ensure everyone is paired with fair opponents, given this is the case.

The main hook with Guns of Boom is that your trigger finger is automatic.

At least during my play session, I didn’t encounter anyone abusing higher grade weapons than I had, but that may have simply been due to the time of night I was playing. To the game’s credit though, it was very active regardless. The small match sizes of three versus three ensures you can very easily find people to play with. Matches also don’t take very long, so it’s ideal if you’ve got a solid internet connection and a few minutes to kill.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Guns of Boom the low-poly, high contrast visuals are easy on the eyes and your device’s CPU. Everyone looks like they’re a lost member of the A-Team, and this tone pervades every other aspect of the game. The sound design isn’t quite as distinctive but it’s great to see a mobile shooter with a light tongue-in-cheek tone that feels like its happy to be here.

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It’s free, it’s fun, and although the freemium elements are concerning, it certainly isn’t an unappealing option. I like the decision to include automatic firing as it simplifies some much headache found in mobile shooters. I’d certainly say it’s worth a try.

Available on iOS and Android.

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