Guns ‘n’ Glory – Different Tower Defence

Sep 21, 2017

Guns’n’Glory is perhaps the strangest take on the tower defence genre in a long while.

Combining western shooter with tower defence, Guns’n’Glory has the player defending a long canyon from would be assailants.

However, you’re not actually defending really, more like… attacking. In Guns’n’Glory, your desperados are trying to rob passing settlers as they rush through a dangerous canyon. Your desperados have their trusty six shooters, giving continuous damage to any enemies – or peaceful settlers – that pass beneath them. Once activated and placed, they continue to assail the poor settlers as they walk.

The extremely weird and almost unsettling part of Guns’n’Glory is the fact that you can move your desperados. The entire area can be traversed by your so-called turrets, enabling them to move as and when required. This changes the flow of the game massively as you end up controlling your desperados to manoeuvre them to the other sections of the map when settlers slip past your initial defenses.

Alongside the standard six shooter desperado, you can recruit a whole host of other defensive characters, each of them with strengths and weaknesses and effective against certain types of enemies. To begin with, your six shooter desperadoes are effective at attacking the hordes of individual settlers, but the larger, more iridescently golden desperados that fling dynamite periodically are much more effective at attacking the covered wagons. It seems like every level there are not only new enemies but new characters to unlock to attack those new enemies.

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After defeating a myriad of waves on the first level, you progress to the next section of the map, gaining access to more “towers” and fighting more enemies.

It is indescribably confusing and unsettling to actually move your defensive units around the playing field, as any frequent player of the tower defence genre will tell you that a core element is the limitation of your defences being firmly emplaced and stationary.

As you begin to play, it actually becomes oddly liberating; you’re not limited by your initial placements, you can change and alter their position as your needs dictate. No longer are you stuck with the initial placement you made at the start of the game.

The ability to move your defensive units even creates tense, exciting moments wherein you desperately strive to move a desperado up around the map and across bridges, trying to kill that one settler that snuck past your defences. As you can only control one unit at a time and as the screen follows your controlled character, you swiftly lose control of the situation and enter panic mode, struggling to fix the mess you’ve created and defeat your enemies. The entire experience is hectic but thrilling and engaging.

Guns’n’Glory manages to bring something entirely new, both its exciting and difficult concept of moving your units, as well as its western theme, to the tower defence genre.

You may feel like a complete monster when gunning down innocent settlers for their cash, but Guns’n’Glory makes sure you don’t care because you’re having too much fun.

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