Guilty Pleasure iPhone Apps

May 17, 2010

We all have them. When friends grab your phone you’re quick to make up a story about how that one app got there. In some cases, you delete it before handing it over. Whatever the case may be, there’s one black sheep on everyone’s iPhone. This list is just a handful of what’s been spotted on mine.


Created by, a social network for the single, BadDates makes it easy to not only vent about the date from hell, but you can also get advice from other users.


Yo! Mama

This app is a yo mama joke generator for those with a fashionably late wit like mine. You can also submit yo mama jokes to help the less fortunate with their disses (is that what the cool kids are saying?)



I’ll deny ever owning this app. If you don’t know what TWSS is, well, I suggest hanging out with my friends for an hour.


I Am T-Pain 2.0

Ever want to record your voice and sound like a robot? Ever want to email your robot voice to friends? T-Pain’s app makes it possible. Yay audio-tuning!


Aardvark Mobile

Ever wonder if ladybug’s have tongues? Or why an orange is called an orange, but a banana isn’t called a yellow? Well Aardvark wants to help. This social Q&A app makes it easy to ask a random question and get answers fast. It’s just like Google, but funner.


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