Growing apps for kids

Jan 18, 2012

Are you wanting your kids to learn more about growing a garden? Or maybe just thinking about how things grow. These are some fun games and tools you can use to bring the little ones into the idea of a growing world.

Plants HD

An excellent app to teach kids almost everything they need to know about plants and growing. From how a seed turns to a plant to fun and interesting facts about pollination and different plants your kids will learn more with this app than most others. The app also has levels to encourage kids to keep learning. Amazing for the $1 price.



While this app isn’t meant for kids it can be a great tool to bring an older child into gardening. Have them help you schedule planting, add plants to the garden, check the garden to do list and even help maintain the house plants. This app makes the chore of gardening fun and educational.


Planting The Acorn

Really more of a matching game but based in a gardening environment. Wet their appetite with this growing game.


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