Growing a Garden Apps

Jan 18, 2012

Want to make your garden a bit better this year? These are the apps for you.


Helpful for kids and adults. If you want to bring kids into your garden plan this is a great app for that. Have them help you schedule planting, add plants to the garden, check the garden to do list and even help maintain the house plants. This app makes the chore of gardening fun and educational.



I’ve got to admit, I’m not a huge fan of video apps. Usually if I want to watch a video I’ll watch it on a bigger screen. That said, this app from Rebecca Kolls will help you plan a garden, big or small and give you ideas if it’s still cold and snowy outside.


Essential Garden Guide – Comprehensive Guide to Gardening

More about veggies and fruits than anything else this app will tell you about soil prep which is important for anything you plant.


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