Sep 1, 2010

I am podcasting about green tech, making things and living green (german spoken podcast named “naturklug”) so I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the “green apps” I have on my iPhone.

Green Genie

My absolute favorite green app.
It has a huge section of resources (calculators, label explanations, links to blogs or NGOs,…) and then, the projects: from “quick and easy” to “major investment” with one click you can see the impact this project will have on your carbon footprint and how many €$£¥… you can save by doing this. Highly recommended!


EAN Origin

Ok, this app is not for everybody. It allows you to look up the first 3 digits of an EAN-Code (UPC-A for the US) and identifies where the product was manufactured.


Seafood Watch

Some fish are in danger, some are produced sustainable. This app helps you to make the right choice. Sushi Guide and location-based recommendations included.


Find Green

This app is great to find green businesses in your local area. You can select which type of industry you are looking for and in which distance it should be (walking – biking – driving) and then you are presented with green businesses within this distance. Also included: News and Green Tips.


Eco Cleaning

The name is a bit misleading. This app allows you to calculate your Carbon Footprint and shows you how small changes have a huge impact. Very nice visualisation of both the CO2 consumption and the benefits of reducing your impact.


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