Green Apps for the Recycling Bin

Apr 20, 2010

OK, a bit strange to write a bad apps list but these all make the bad list. If you’re wanting good green apps avoid these and save space on your phone. If you’re a developer check these apps out to learn more about what doesn’t work in an app and hopefully how to avoid the #fail rating on your own app!

Greenpeace Tissue Guide

You’d have to be either unable to read or completely uneducated about post consumer waste to need this app. Even still after looking at it once you have all the information you’d need to make good decisions without needing to have this thing on your phone.

This wouldn’t score at the top of the #fail list but Greenpeace should really be able to do way, way better than this!



This app is such a massive fail it’s hard to not laugh. Suggesting products and stores 2000 miles from where I live is not local. It’s not even close to local. Even if you didn’t care about local it would just be dumb. Great idea, horrid execution.


Green Gas Saver

This app could be dangerous to use as it begs you to stare at your phone while driving. That said, since it really doesn’t work it’s just a big, weird waste of space. I’m pretty sure my car accelerated between my home and the restaurant 4 miles away little green app, even if you’re not smart enough to know it!


Find Green

Maybe this would be useful while travelling? That said, the fact that it told me a coffee shop was a farmers market might make it worse to use in an unfamiliar area. It did have some places listed that are “green” just don’t count on the places to be what the app says they are or you may try to buy your veggies at a coffee stand!

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Go Organic!

I should actually put this at the top of the list, even before Greenpeace because frankly this app appears to be nothing more than a sales gimmick for a select group of stores and products. There’s more than one chain of stores that sell organic produce in the city of Seattle. But according to this app there most certainly is not. Biggest piece of junk app (at this point at least) ever.


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