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Mar 19, 2010

I am a programmer and a big puzzle and word game fanatic. I hence greatly enjoy testing out all of the different iPhone puzzle and word games.


Substring is a unique, fun, fast-paced word game in which you must think of words containing a given three letter sequence. Substring brings to the table a totally different type of game play than all of the common word games such as Scrabble, Text Twist, and Boggle. The easy setting allows players to get a feel for the game, while the medium, hard, and custom settings allow for endless challenges.


Words With Friends Pro

For those who like Scrabble, this is the best rendition of Scrabble for the iPhone.



For those who like Boggle, this is the best rendition of Boggle for the iPhone.


Word Warp

For those who like Text Twist, this is the best rendition of Text Twist for the iPhone.



One of the most unique and addicting puzzle games I have played on the iPhone, in which players drag ribbons around and through each other to collect dots of the same color. The many levels ranging in difficulty from easy to hard gracefully pull and challenge the player through the journey of the game.


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