Great Platform-Based Games

Mar 26, 2012

Some of my favorite titles in the App Store are platform games. Here’s a list of my top five.


This game combines platforming with RPG elements, like leveling up your character. The dungeon levels remind me of Prince of Persia, and the controls are perfect.



Doesn’t have the best controls, but one of the prettier platform games in the App Store. Help Toku dispel the curse placed upon his people.


League of Evil 2

Just like League of Evil, this sequel is a GREAT platformer focusing on repetition and replaying levels to achieve three stars for every level. Smash the evil scientists to bits and grab the briefcase…as fast as you can.


Wind-up Knight

It’s a platformer that incorporates puzzles and endless running gameplay. You have to be patient if you want to make a perfect run.


Jetpack Joyride

Last but certainly not least, Jetpack Joyride is an endless platform running game that defines addiction.


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