Great Games With Awesome Price Cuts

Sep 24, 2011

Not only are these games awesome, but for a limited time they are on sale for amazing prices.


This cool game has awesome graphics that make surviving amongst other, more evolved organisms even more enjoyable.



I used to love this game back when I played video games because it was action packed and it made you think before you acted so that you could get the very most out of every move. Now that I have it in a portable fashion I can’t put a cease to my playing.


MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition

I used to love monopoly when I was little but the older I became, the less patience my friends and family seemed to have and so I became sick of trying to to form a game when I knew someone would just get annoyed eventually halfway through and flip the board over or walk away. This game is better in every way than the original board game; mostly because you can play online with friends and family and the game you can play for an endless amount of time without getting frustrated, and also because it’s the world edition and you get to own pieces of the world, not just the block.


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