Gotta Minute?

Jul 26, 2011

A list of a few of the quick games and other things that I enjoy. Great for waiting on hold or in the check out line.

Falling Balls

Tilt the phone to make the stickman avoid the falling balls. Addictive.


Fluid Monkey

Not so much a game. This has become my favorite way to go to sleep. Move the liquidy colors around. Watch them swirl. Different settings for different experiences.


reMovem (free)

Tap on three balls of the same color that are connected and they are removed. Different settings allow the game to go on longer.



I can’t explain why I like this app so much. The kaleidoscope scene emerges. Tap it to zoom in and change the patterns. Mesmerizing to me in a weird way.



Tilt the phone/iPad to make the ball fall through the layers. Sounds so simple, but it isn’t. Frustrating in a way that makes it addictive.


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