Got Old Stuff? Here are the Apps to Sell It!

A common phrase that many people are familiar with is “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. This often holds true which is shown with the increase in popularity for tools which allow for the purchasing and selling of second-hand goods. With so many different platforms that are available for this kind of transaction, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to sell old goods to earn extra money.

Ebay (iOS/Android)

As one of the biggest platforms that enable for peer-to-peer sales, Ebay is often synonymous with second hand sales online. In being able to instantly reach millions of buyers from around the world, the app is perfect for those who are looking to sell their old goods. With so many different categories available through the platform, users are able to buy and sell nearly anything they can think of. One of the best aspects of Ebay is that the pricing mechanism is fluid depending on what the seller prefers. For example, sellers are able to specify if they want the price to be based on an auction where buyers can bid until a time limit or a fixed price that is first-come-first-serve. With the vastness of product variety that is offered through Ebay coupled with the flexibility in pricing models, it is one of the best apps for selling old stuff online.

letgo: Buy & Sell Secondhand (iOS/Android)

With a mobile-first approach in terms of a peer-to-peer selling platform, letgo is one of the most comprehensive second-hand marketplaces available. Through the app, users are able to quickly upload their pages with descriptions, prices, and even take pictures of the item. Beyond this, the app enables parties to chat with one another and even has a setting to browse by location so that those who do not want to wait for shipping can pick up the item right away. For sellers, a feature that distinguishes the app from other selling platforms is that it leverages artificial intelligence to identify and tag the items in the photo that is uploaded so that users do not have to do it themselves manually. This is especially applicable for those who have different items to sell and are looking for ways in which to save their time. As a highly comprehensive peer-to-peer selling platform, letgo is a great tool to earn extra money by selling second-hand goods.

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