Going Vegan with the iPhone! Best Vegan Apps!

Nov 18, 2010

When two of my best friends decided to become vegan I knew I would have to learn a thing or two about vegan entertaining. These apps have been a huge help!

Vegan Recipes

This is my favorite vegan recipe app. It’s well designed, clear to understand and the user ratings tell you which recipes are the best. Once you’ve found the recipe you want to make, you can add the ingredients to shopping list so you won’t forget anything at the store! Two thumbs up for this app!


VeganYumYum Mobile

This app is based on the blog which gives the individual dishes a very thorough explanation on how to prepare and serve each meal. I find the search feature to be less polished than other cooking apps, but this is a great app to browse through vegan recipes and find inspiration in the beautiful step by step pictures that accompany most of the recipes featured.


VeganXpress – Menu & Shopping Assistance

This is a must have for every vegan! This tells you what foods are vegan friendly at any restaurant chain which is really helpful when you’re out with non vegans. This also as a pretty comprehensive food list as well as beer and wine and let’s you know what is and what isn’t vegan. A great tool!


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