Goal Tracking Apps

Jan 13, 2012

Once you’ve decided on a goal use these apps to track your progress.

Goal Manager

While it’s great to have goals it’s pretty important to actually schedule some dates and numbers around them. This app will help you with that. It helps you schedule goals out to a certain time (pay off $5k in debt by this date) and also helps you motivate yourself and set interim goals to keep you on track.


Goal Tender

I like that this app makes it easy to set up recurring goals. It’s annoying to have to put in “Take a walk” every day for a month so repeating goal setting is important. It also will show you your success rate for your repeating goals so you can see that you’ve only taken that walk 50% of the time. Finally it will backup your goals to the cloud in case you lose them.

All that said I’d like to see it focus on the big goals and then break them into little goals. Just a difference in how I think but if you’re not like me, this app may be for you.


Life Goals

Makes a daily to-do list for your goals. Pretty cool!


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