Girly Girls

Jul 26, 2010

These apps are for the girly girl in all of us. Although I don’t get a manicure and pedicure too often, I do enjoy them. And like every woman, I love Tiffany’s! Come on, admit it, you do too.

Nail Polish App From

Take a photo of your hand and design your nails. See how you would look with big Jersey Girl claws! Here’s a better idea; if you find a set of nails you like, bring them to your manicurist.


Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

This app is for the girly girl in all of us! As anti- everything as I am, there is something about Tiffany’s that I love. It’s the box and the whole dainty experience! And now it’s on my phone! Different settings, shapes, and metals! Save your favorites! Ahhhhhh, elegance!


Beauty Grub

All the latest beauty news and celebrity gossip. You know you love to hate it! I wish I didn’t care, but sometimes my gossip queen sets in. You can also learn some neat tips and tricks!


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